My name is Suzanne Gabriel; I have been married for 23 years, living in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for 19 years & have been coordinating Caribbean weddings for over 12 years.

These beautiful tropical islands have numerous venues at which to get married - a beach wedding, a sunset wedding, a tropical garden wedding or even on board a yacht! Whatever the choice, your wedding coordinator will be there to assist you throughout, see our wedding packages for ideas.

St. Vincent Weddings - give you an added option of getting married in the Botanical Gardens.

Bequia Weddings - are the most popular as this wonderful island has a wide range of accommodation available from Luxury villas and hotels to low cost apartments - you can even rent your own Plantaion House.

Grenadines Weddings - offering small private islands for your wedding and honeymoon, special pricing for large groups.
If you would rather custom make your destination wedding than choose one of our wedding packages that is not a problem. In fact most of our clients prefer to tailor their own destination wedding event.

Many large resorts offer Caribbean weddings where you and other couples will be married on the same day, "A Caribbean Wedding" is dedicated to individual attention.

Caribbean Weddings can be romantic, simple and private or large formal affairs - that's up to you to choose. Clients will get my personal attention for their wedding plans: I will work with them to ensure their destination wedding lives up to their dreams.

Caribbean weddings are easier to plan than you may think; we have several wedding packages to give you some ideas to get you started planning your destination wedding.
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